Interactive Guide to Technical Analysis

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Section 1: The Basics

Read Intro. to Chart Components

Learn how to identify and read a stock chart.

Unlock Intro to Chart Types

An introduction to four different chart types used by investors today and in the past.

Unlock Understanding Resistance

Learn how to accurately identify resistance on a stock chart and use it to prevent common investment mistakes.

Unlock Intro. to Trendlines

Learn how to identify trendlines of all shapes and sizes: horizontal, vertical, long term, short term, etc.

Unlock Understanding Support

An introduction to support and how it not only impacts but also shapes trends.

Unlock Intro. to Volume

Learn why volume is critical to successful investing alongside interpreting the actions of institutional investors.

Unlock Intro. to Moving Averages & Trends

A walk through of moving averages, why they are so important, and how they are used to identify short, intermediate, and long term trends.

Unlock Basics of New Highs and Lows

Learn the basics of what it means when a stock hits new highs and lows on an intraday, weekly, 52 week, and all-time basis.

Section 2: Chart Patterns

Unlock Basics of Breakouts

Learn to identify stock chart breakouts and see how they are a powerful piece in timing individual stocks as well as the overall market.

Unlock Breakouts (Level 2)

The keys of identifying quality setups before they turn into big time breakouts.

Unlock Basics of Breakdowns

A walk through of technical breakdowns and their role in trading.

Unlock Breakdowns (Level 2)

A more detailed look at how to identify major breakdowns and protect any portfolio against future losses

Unlock Channels (Level 1)

Learn how to identify a variety of channels on a stock chart and find out why they are the most widely used chart pattern in technical analysis.

Unlock Gaps (Level 1)

A walk through of gaps, how they form, what causes them most often, and how they can single handedly make or break a portfolio.

Unlock Gaps (Level 2)

A more in depth look at gaps and gap strategy.

Unlock Double Bottom and Top (Level 1)

A crash course in double tops and double bottoms and their importance in identifying critical long term trend reversals.

Unlock Cup & Handle (Level 1)

An introduction to the most well-known basing pattern in the market, popularized by CANSLIM trading and its founder William J O'Neil.

Unlock Saucers (Level 1)

An overview of the saucer pattern including its appearance and formation over time

Unlock Head & Shoulders (Level 1)

Learn how these complex patterns form over time, how to identify them along the way, and their role in long term tops and bottoms.

Unlock Flags (Level 1)

An introduction to one of the most effective and powerful little patterns in momentum trading.

Unlock Triangles (Level 1)

An introduction to one of the most effective and powerful little patterns in momentum trading.

Unlock Wedges (Level 1)

Understand how these converging patterns form and reveal important short and long term market signals.

Section 3: Chart Concepts

Unlock Overhead Resistance

How to identify overhead resistance and how it is defeated using history as our guide.

Unlock Understanding Measured Moves

Learn how to identify these reversal patterns and their place in momentum trading

Unlock Parabolic Runs

An overview of what these patterns look like, how they emerge, and identifying the top

Unlock Traps

Learn what Bull and Bear Traps look like on a stock chart as well as identifying them

Unlock Engulfments (Level 1)

The basics behind bearish and bullish engulfments and what they look like

Unlock CBOE Put/Call Ratio

An introduction to this market indicator and its use in investing

Unlock Extended Hours Trading

Learn the basics of trading during pre and post market hours

Unlock Stop Loss Orders (Level 1)

An introduction to stop loss orders and their role as a loss protector.

Unlock Trailing Stop Orders

Learn about this underused order type and how it can be a great asset for investors

Section 4: Study Materials

Unlock Questions Bank 1

Stock Chart Basics Training

Unlock Questions Bank 2

Stock Chart Patterns Challenge