What's included with my guide purchase?

Your purchase includes a user account that provides unlimited access to The Interactive Guide to Technical Analysis. You may login and read/re-read any section or chapter as many times you want. Many of our users revisit areas to refresh themselves as they implement technical analysis into their investing strategies.

Do I have to make more than one payment? Is this a monthly membership?

No, The Interactive Guide to Technical Analysis is a one time purchase. There are no re-occurring fees or monthly dues.

Does my user account expire?

Your user account never expires.

How can I access the guide? Can I download it?

You can access the guide by logging into your account through any up-to-date web browser. Our interactive learning experience is available on desktops, laptops, and tablets. Due to the nature of the guide being interactive, we do not have a downloadable format for it.

How do I setup my account?

Setting up your account is easy. Proceed to the Dashboard and fill out the requested information. After that has been completed you will have created your new account and are ready to use Investing Teacher!

I've forgotten my username/password, what can I do?

Please click here to receive either with the email address you registered your account under or email

When will there be more sections and chapters added?

We are currently working to develop additional investment education courses and will notify all registered users as they become available.

Who owns this web site?

You can read more about's team here. The web site is wholly owned by Reink Media Group, LLC.